UPDATE: I've been notified (very kindly, I might add) that my rolling service is in violation of Zoom's terms of service, and therefore, I must immediately quit with the Zoom Rickrolls. The smiles that I brought were priceless, and your enthusiasm for my work is something I'll cherish forever. So, with that, I have let you down. However, I'm never gonna give you up. We will meet again, when you least expect it. - Love, Rick

Rickroll Your Zooms

Drop your meeting invite link below and you'll be added to the queue. When it's your turn, get ready to roll!

About InviteRick

Why does Rick do this?

F-RICK-quently Asked Questions

What are Rick's Hours?

He can't be trusted alone during his Beta period and needs a chaperone that is only available 10 a.m. ET to 4p.m. ET.

How can I ensure a solid Roll?

Turn off "waiting room" for your meeting. Only send invites for meetings that are currently happening&em;he doesn't now how to handle future meetings yet. Use the invite link that has the password in the URL. He also can't get into protected meetings where you have to have one of those company emails.